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Giving Focus LLC is a consulting firm specializing in professional career development for individuals seeking advancement, transition, return to, or entry into the workplace.

Giving Focus LLC was founded by Mary Louise Fazzano and for nearly 20 years it has assisted clients on 6 continents prepare for and begin the next phase of their career.  From recent graduates and those climbing through the ranks to industry leaders, diplomats and academicians, we guide clients in confidential, one-on-one sessions.

The Giving Focus process includes planning a comprehensive job search, creating resumes and bios, fine tuning interviewing skills, negotiating the job and salary details, and navigating the first year in a new position.

We believe career planning is more effective when organized in close association with personal goals or special interests. Career advancement occurs when one has a focused, well-executed plan in place. Giving Focus LLC develops effective strategies to maximize the specific skills and accomplishments that individuals bring to the table in order to accomplish their career goals.

Giving Focus Services

Advisory Services

Focusing on You

• One-on-one conversations highlight your plans and goals
• Confidential discussions and brainstorming allow you to understand your true value
• Investigate your experience, knowledge and accomplishments to define your priorities
• Gaining confidence in describing your skills and abilities puts you at greater ease, which is key to the success of this process

Focusing Your Search

• Define your goals for this search
• Know yourself so you can tell others
• Prepare to explain who you are and what you will bring to your next role
• Understand the entire search process – from the long-term goals you set to the smallest details

Writing Services


• Resumes are an essential element of any search. A truly effective resume serves as an individual’s marketing tool, highlighting his or her strengths.
• Two in-depth interviews are routinely required
• An initial draft is presented, followed by two detailed editing sessions.


• A biography should convey as much essential, targeted information as possible to shape your background into the perfect “snap- shot caption” of your experience, strengths, and objectives.
• An extensive interviewing process is required
• An initial draft is presented, followed by two detailed editing sessions.

Search Services

Giving Focus will help you to develop techniques and strategies for refining your job search skills by enabling you
to anticipate and succinctly answer any type of question you might encounter.

Job Search - The Plan

The job search process is an “Organizational Event”. If you have your thoughts in order, your goals defined, your documents and questions prepared, and answers considered in advance, you will be better prepared for the active, ever- changing, goals-shifting, fluid process that is a productive job search.

Networking Plan

Any successful job search relies upon the fundamental skill of exploring personal connections or “Networking” in order to learn about potential opportunities within your field. Developing a networking plan can make a significant difference in your success rate.

Interview Coaching & Practice

Whether you are new to your career or progressing through the higher reaches of your industry, interviewing skills can always be “Tuned-Up” or improved. When under intense scrutiny, it is easy to forget that an interview is a two-way street. The end game is not the interview, it is the job, and how it relates to your career path.

Negotiating Coaching & Practice

Salary, benefits, and many essential elements of your compensation package are negotiable. Giving Focus prepares clients with proven techniques to negotiate to “Yes”.


Mary Louise Fazzano is the President of Giving Focus LLC® a career consulting and advisory firm serving individuals at the start of their career, in transition, or seeking career advancement.  She is known as an expert listener with clear, practical suggestions.  More than 400 satisfied clients have recommended Giving Focus to colleagues and friends globally. Mary Louise creates targeted and customized resumes and biographies for clients pursuing unique professional opportunities. She started her career in Chicago as a recruiter with MKM Consultants where she achieved an exceptional record of performance, and also served as a consultant with Right Management. 

Mary Louise spent the majority of her career in corporate philanthropy. Before establishing Giving Focus LLC®, she was a Managing Director at Changing Our World, Inc. a philanthropic consulting firm in New York City. She was the Director of the Hasbro Charitable Trust for over 10 years where financial grants and product donations benefitted more than one million children annually. Previously, she was the Director of Community Affairs at Stanley Fastening Systems.

Mary Louise serves on the Board of Directors of the Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company and the Advisory Board of Newport Eco-Tech; she is also a member of Women Corporate Directors and the Belizean Grove.  She was an Adjunct Instructor at New York University’s Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. She is an Emeritus Board member of Refugees International in Washington D.C. and a former member of the Advisory Council of Harvard University’s Center for Children’s Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Mary Louise earned her BA from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Additional Giving Focus Services


A resource for individuals starting their career when the first resume is critical
and with each new job search needing to update and strengthened their resume.

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Giving Focus Testimonials

As a client, you are never alone in a search.
You have a champion.

Referring Mary Louise to a colleague:

She is a resume and bio whisperer! I know you'll enjoy working with her on making your already stellar background and experience shine even more.
Senior Executive, Global Communications/Media Company
I had the pleasure of working with Mary Louise during a critical transition in my career, following the financial meltdown of 2008. We were introduced by a mutual friend and her expertise and guidance proved to be invaluable.

Mary Louise provided me the launching pad to capitalize on other opportunities, after 18 years with one employer. She not only helped me create a resume and bio, but she was a great sounding board and resource for career advice. Mary Louise gave me the confidence to promote my accomplishments and pursue senior executive level positions. New doors have opened, my career has blossomed and I will always remain grateful for Mary Louise's support and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone seeking career advisory services.
Senior Vice President, US Asset Management Company

You have the skills…
You have done the work and have a successful career…
Yet you have not completely
recognized those facts – simply because… You are too busy in your role.

Enter Mary Louise – not only does she acknowledge and focus your experiences – but she gives you that ever so needed boost called CONFIDENCE
Healthcare Executive
Mary Louise is an excellent career coach and provided me with valuable, sensible, and specific job searching guidance and interview techniques. There are plenty of job search resources in the market, but Mary Louise's skills are particularly helpful and practical. In addition to bringing ample experience of her own, she offers sensible advice and actionable suggestions for improving one's ability to find the right job.
Management and Business Development Professional
I have to tell you that I attended a Corporate Board Training and received many compliments from other attendees about my resume and bio. So I gave your name out to several people.
Senior Executive - Fortune 100, American Multinational Consumer Goods Company
I worked with Mary Louise during my transition from academia into corporate America. Her insights into the job search and interview process were invaluable. She provided the type of information that no book or course could offer. Her incredibly warm personality made every meeting effortless. I plan on continuing to work with her over the course of my career. Now I am pleased to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a dedicated professional to assist them with career planning or professional advancement.
Chief of Staff & Associate Vice President for Corporate Relations, a US National University
Description of the search strategies and concrete tactics Mary Louise shares - “The gifts that keep on giving.”
International Development Executive

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